Preparing for embedded system challenges at EE Live!/ESC

The EELive!/ESC this week is a potpourri of events, speakers, classes, and tear-downs where you can kick the tires on the tools and building blocks on display by more than 175 exhibitors, as well as trade information and ideas with other developers.

Turning embedded programmers into embedded engineers

Several regular contributors will be among the embedded development experts participating in the must-attend Embedded System Engineering track at the ESC/EELive! next week.

Updating your C++ programming skills

To complement the regular content on on C++ , a good source for up-to-date technical information is the 2014 ESC/EELive! conference where the creator of C++, Bjarne Stroustrup, will be teaching five classes on its use.

The role of modeling tools in future embedded systems

If you think the trend is away from hands-on embedded C programming and toward the use of high level modeling tools for creating the design framework and auto-generating correct by construction code, be sure to attend the 2014 ESC/EELive! In San Jose, Ca.

Embedded Android: No longer a square peg fit in a round hole?

If you are serious about Android in your designs, register for the Android Engineering Certification course at ESC/EE Live, March 31 to April 4.

Staying one step ahead in embedded security at ESC/EELive! 2014

At the ESC/EELive 2014, embedded developers concerned about protecting their increasingly networked systems can take advantage of an intensive three day track of classes on the latest in security technology.

Tap into the embedded IoT "renaissance" at ESC/EELive!

At EELive VDC's Christopher Rommell will look at the business opportunities for companies trying to rally around the Internet of Things as a catalyst for an embedded renaissance.

IoT Cloud blooms, but no standards yet says EELive! speaker

The growing number of cloud protocols for the Internet of Things is almost as daunting as the diversity of IoT markets Xively's Chad Jones, a IoT Summit panelist at EELive!

Learn more about sensor fusion at ESC/EE Live!

Experts will lay out some of the ingredients for applying sensor fusion techniques to wirless sensor and consumer designs in a panel at the IoT Engineering Summit at ESC/EE Live!.

Investigating open source hardware at ESC/EELive!

At the ESC/EELive Hardware Startup Engineering Summit there will be a lively panel discussion on the role of Open Source Hardware in embedded design.

Secure embedded devices by hacking at ESC/EELive!

The Black Hat Engineering Summit at ESC/EELive will provide embedded developers with background and tools for assessing security risks to their designs in an increasingly connected environment.

More things to do, to see, and to hear at the 2014 EELive!

News and commentary about events, speakers, tutorials, panels, tear-downs, prizes classes at the 2014 EELive!

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