Facing nextgen multicore design challenges

How do we deal with the challenges of next generation mobile platforms moving toward eight to ten processor cores, and game platform and large-screen, high-definition, Internet-enabled televisions that already demand many-core SoC designs and will soon need hundreds.

A portable multicore runtime library based on embedded industry standards

The authors discuss LibEOMP, a new portable OpenMP runtime library for multicore embedded systems that exploits the capabilities of the Multicore Association (MCA) application programming interfaces.

Developing a heterogeneous multicore SoC for use in a mobile environment

Imagination's Peter McGuinness recounts his company's experience in porting disparate applications to run delegated to the GPU and reports on lessons learned.

Programming heterogeneous multicore embedded SoCs

How standards based programming models like OpenCL and OpenMP make it possible for embedded programmers to write their applications in the C language, and still take advantage of the offload capability of additional accelerators and efficiently task heterogeneous cores.

Protecting multicore designs without compromising performance

As data rates climb and malicious software attacks escalate, traditional approaches to security will be replaced by integrating such protection directly into the multicore-based Intelligent Packet Engine hardware IP.

Picking the right multicore architecture for your compute-intensive application

In multicore designs, is it better to run just one OS domain with all cores and threads scheduled from a single OS domain or divide responsibilities among many individual OS domains?

What the new OpenMP standard brings to embedded multicore software design

The authors describe how the OpenMP shared memory muliticore programming model is being adapted to the needs of embedded systems designs.

Introduction to the Multicore Programming Practices Guide

An introduction to the Multicore Association (MCA) Multicore Programming Practices (MPP) Guide - best practices for an evolutionary approach to multicore development.

Retargeting embedded software stacks for many-core systems

How to combine the data-centric publish/subscribe-based Data Distribution Service model with the Leader/Followers thread-pool concurrency thread management pattern.

Alternatives to C/C++ for system programming in a distributed multicore world

A comparison of Google’s Go, Mozilla’s Rust, and the Ada-based Parasail as alternatives to C/C++ for code development in concurrent and parallel software environments.

Is lock-free programming practical for multicore?

In a multicore environment, you can do resource sharing efficiently without locks, but there are some caveats.

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