Participating in's design community in 2015

Developers who visit on line and subscribe to one or both of the weekly newsletters published each week have been key to the continued success of the site as a vital hardware and software system design community. Here are some ways to do even more in 2015.

Doing C language programming for the 21st century

Embedded systems have changed a lot in the last 15 years. But until recently a basic building block – the C language – has not kept up. It’s time to start paying more attention to the newest C11 revision and how to use it.

Getting ready for wearable embedded computing

Ready or not, embedded developers have more challenges - and opportunities - ahead if they can want to successfully design wearable computing devices.

Embedding Java on the IoT and the Web of Things

Developers are faced with two approaches to designing connected wireless sensor and M2M apps: bottom up IoT, which focuses on low-level network and transport issues on the devices, and the top-down Web of Things, where existing Internet and Web protocols are adapted to device connectivity.

Facing nextgen multicore design challenges

How do we deal with the challenges of next generation mobile platforms moving toward eight to ten processor cores, and game platform and large-screen, high-definition, Internet-enabled televisions that already demand many-core SoC designs and will soon need hundreds.

Embedding security protection in hardware

As both the number of connected devices and the security dangers facing them increase apace, speakers at the 2014 DAC this week are focused on hardware architectures that either replace or enhance current software-based solutions.

Visualizing, tracking down and dealing with tainted software

As embedded designs become more complex, heterogeneous, and connected, the code they use will require even more attention as to its provenance and whether it is tainted, no matter what its source.

Making nextgen embedded ARM designs more energy efficient

At the 2014 ARM Technical Conference in two weeks in Santa Clara, Ca., a lot of attention will be devoted to low power management and energy efficient ARM processor designs.

Battery management in untethered connected designs

More effective ways to manage power resources are needed for untethered embedded and mobile and wireless devices designed to operate using internal batteries, independent of external energy sources.

Picking the right RTOS for your embedded and IoT designs

A major challenge for developers is how to take advantage of RTOS capabilities to achieve design goals. But even before that there is the problem of picking the right RTOS for the job, easier said than done in a design environment with many alternatives available.

Educating embedded engineers for 21st Century challenges

As our society becomes more dependent on embedded electronics hardware and software technology, there is danger ahead. We may not be attracting – and properly educating – enough of the engineers who make it all possible.

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