Finding the right IoT development framework

Excitement and frustration has been building around the Internet of Things (IoT) where every device would be Internet Protocol-enabled and potentially connectable to every other IP-enabled entity on the network.

Building an IoT for industrial control: Part 1 – What is Industrial IoT?

In the first in a two-part series, Echelon’s Robert Dolin describes the requirements that the IP-enabled “Internet of Things” (IoT) must meet to be suitable for use in industrial control network environments.

Speed up machine-to-machine networking with UDP

For applications like streaming video, 6LoWPAN sensor networks, M2M, and IoT devices, the user datagram protocol (UDP) provides a fast, low-overhead alternative to TCP/IP.

Direct-to-device connectivity in the Internet of Things

A comparison of three approaches for building embedded Internet of Things designs: a traditional embedded web server, virtual cloud devices, and peer-to-peer device configurations.

Zigbee’s new IP specification for IPv6 6LoPAN wireless network designs

The evolution of IP-based solutions for wireless sensor networks leading to the recent Zigbee Internet Protocol (IP) extension.

The importance of low power sensing for the Internet of Things

The authors explain the role of time-synchronized channel hopping in overcoming the low power challenges of ubiquitous IoT connectivity.

Building an IoT web services framework with smart objects: Part 1

In the first in a series from “Interconnecting smart objects with IP,” authors Jean-Philippe Vasseur and Adam Dunkels provide an overview of the software building blocks of the Internet of Things.

UDP and the embedded wireless Internet of Things

The creation of the 6LoWPAN wireless extension to the IPv6 promises a wealth of opportunities for creating an embedded “Internet of Things.” But to take advantage of them means solving some significant problems as well.

A standard protocol stack for the internet of (important) things

A web services protocol stack for the Internet of Things that meets the criteria of power-efficiency, reliability and Internet connectivity.

OpenWSN: standards‐based low‐power wireless development

An overview of the OpenWSN protocol stack for Internet of Things and machine-to-machine connectivity as well key integration details and the platforms and tools developed around it.

A thin server architecture for the internet of things

A thin server architecture for the Internet of Things that relieves embedded devices from the burden of application logic, utilizing a server wrapper for the device’s sensors and actuators.

IoT, M2M, wireless sensor nets: Embedded technology news – Jan 13, 2014

A roundup of recent technology and product news on tools and building blocks for adding IP-enabled IoT, M2M and wireless sensor network capabilities to your embedded design.

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